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2016 Berlinale Interview – Jan Gassmann (Europe, She Loves)

2016 Berlinale Interview – Jan Gassmann (Europe, She Loves)

Europe, She Loves is a documentary that follows four couples living in Spain, Greece, Estonia and Ireland.  We see them taking showers, fighting, making love and facing their individual challenges. The film is an intimate reflection of their present situation in Europe. Between searching, wanting to change, longing to stay but also the question what

Interview: Sabine Lidl (Director – ‘Nan Goldin: I Remember Your Face’)

Documentarian Sabine Lidl’s intimate portrait of New York photographer Nan Goldin is as uncompromising and unvarnished as the snapshots that have come to define Goldin as arguably one of the most influential, celebrated and controversial photographers of her generation. Goldin’s work was first exhibited in the 70s but she burst onto the art scene with The

New Directors/New Films Interview: Benedikt Erlingsson (Writer/Direcor: ‘Of Horses & Men’)

‘Of Horses & Men‘, the debut feature by celebrated stage director Benedikt Erlingsson announces the arrival of an innovative new cinematic voice. Set almost exclusively outdoors amid stunning Icelandic landscapes, the film features in equal parts a cast of exquisite short-legged Icelandic horses and human characters—including the terrific Ingvar E. Sigurdsson and Charlotte Bøving as