Award-winning Indie Psych-Thriller ‘Nothing Without You’ to Open at Quad Cinema

NOTHING WITHOUT YOU, the festival-winning psychological thriller directed by Xackery Irving will have its theatrical premiere at the Quad Cinema in Greenwich Village, New York opening Friday, March 28th running through Thursday, April 3rd.

The film produced by Irving, Rick Santos and Laura Wilson, took a Best Feature prize at the Toronto Independent Film Festival and recently won the Breakthrough Achievement Award for lead actress Emily Fradenburgh’s performance at the Twin Cities Film Fest. The film was also featured with opening weekend screenings at the Santa Fe Film Festival and Sarasota Film Festival.

Nothing_Without_You_PosterNOTHING WITHOUT YOU follows the experiences of a young psychiatric patient, played by Emily Fradenburgh, who must prove her innocence and sanity after being accused of a violent murder. Like signature indie suspense films like ‘Memento,’ ‘The Machinist,’ and ‘Pi,’ ‘the film features a main character whose impaired sense of reality sets up major plot twists and surprises.

The film also stars Keith McGill, Will Crawford, Joshua Loren and Katherine Mapother.

Irving, whose first feature ‘American Chain Gang’ was a finalist for Best Documentary at the SXSW Film Festival and has been shooting and producing documentary television for over fifteen years. His credits include Doomsday Preppers (NatGeo), The First 48 (A&E), and Trauma: Life in the ER (TLC). After working on the The First 48 documentary series he cast real Homicide Detectives from the show as police officers in NOTHING WITHOUT YOU.

Using techniques employed in his documentary film & television background, Irving led a small crew, shot the film himself (majority handheld), which kept the 188-scene 95-minute film on schedule and on budget (under $200,000). This vérité approach matched the visual mood of a story whose main character’s rough edges and chaotic nature is explored in this taut narrative.

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