Cannes Security Simulates Terrorist Attack Pre Festival

Yesterday, the city of Cannes simulated a terrorist attack prior to the start of its famed film festival in order to test the response time and effectiveness of its emergency forces.

Below, you can see in the video that the simulation included 4 armed terrorist, fake explosions, and “injured” civilians. Included in the procedure were the city’s local police, national police, gendarmerie, fire fighters, EMTs, hospital workers and doctors.

Commenting on the simulation, the city’s security consultant told The Holywood Reporter, “You have to be prepared for what we consider a multi-terror event, not only in one place and not only in one hour — in a few places over a few hours.” Though there haven’t been any specific threats made to Cannes, the country has been on alert since last January’s Charlie Hedbo attacks”.

Source: Vulture


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