Capsule Review: ‘Welcome to Nowhere’

Written & Directed by William Cusick
Starring Tina Balthazar, Nick Blixby, Peter Blomquist, Cara Francis & Brian Greer

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Drifters, escorts, inept law enforcement, tweekers; from Director William Cusick comes a hyper surrealist road fantasy in ‘Welcome to Nowhere‘, employing all of these frequently used and effective characters in an expeditious, yet intense collection of nihilistic fantasies set across the banal open road of a distinctly New America.  Shifting perspectives, snapshotting lives of a sample-sized collection in disenfranchisement; voiceless to a whole and (surely) forgotten by many.  ‘Welcome to Nowhere‘ follows down a similarly hyper stylized road trip territory as Oliver Stone’s ‘Natural Born Killers‘ or ‘U-Turn‘ with the uneasy, surrealism (and non linear narratives) of classic David Lynch (interestingly enough, incorporating the existential elements and slide guitar of Wim Wenders’ ‘Paris, Texas‘, as well), constantly shifting genre’s, expectations and visual cues.

Welcome to Nowhere’ is a roadmap of lifeless terrain, a place where inhabitants are forced to “exist” within the parameters of imposed idealism, from “free” markets” to morality, subjective interpretations of law, as well as gender roles (in the bedroom and out); a nomadic poet professing “I am a man” in his tattered diary of wasteland descriptions, shares a motel amongst a bevy of weary road travelers, minimally conversing over BDSM role reversals, inept suicide attempts, drug induced death and the liberation it (hopefully) provides.  Any continuation in an attempted explanation of exact plot points may lead close to impossible, however largely revolving around the 3 motels rooms on the distinctly “Anytown” capacity of Anytown, USA (albeit, specific to a very southwestern locale).

Not only does the specific plot/script shift perspective, genre and (ultimately) expectations, Cusick adds to the films sense of discomforting position within meta reality, through a mash up of live action and stylized motion graphics, further questioning classic notion of story and plot when, instead, focusing on time and space.  Having been born from a conceptual performance piece by NYC based troupe “temporary distortion“, ‘Welcome to Nowhere‘ is a welcome addition to the realm of surrealist fantasy where each viewers subjective reality itself lends to the purposely subjective fractured narrative.

Full Apple Full Apple Full Apple /5

– Steve Rickinson


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