Contest: Sun Scout App

We are giving away FOUR FREE SUN SCOUT Apps for iOS as part of our FIRST EVER contest. 

Need to know where the sun will be, and when it will be there? You need Sun Scout!

Sun Scout shows you live what your phone’s camera sees, but augments the image with where the sun will be at each hour of the day. To see everything that might cast a shadow on you, simply sweep your phone across the sky from dawn to dusk.

☀ Shooting photos or film? Know when you’ll get ideal light and shadow.
☀ Buying a house? Check the rooms and garden for sunny spots and shade.
☀ Enjoying a day by the pool? Find the best spot for your towel.
☀ Hosting a garden party? Position the lounger in the sun and the drinks cooler in the shade.
☀ Heading to the mountains to hike or ski? See when the peaks will leave you chilly in their shadow.
☀ Planning to see the sun rise? Know _where_ it will rise as well as when!

Sun Scout uses the compass in your iPhone 3Gs or iPhone 4. For best results, calibrate your iPhone’s compass, even when your phone does not prompt you to do so.

To receive YOUR free Copy of Sun Scout Simply DROP US A LINE us with the answer to the following question by 12/1/12…

QUESTION: In Filmmaking, when is ‘MAGIC HOUR’?


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