Craft Truck ‘Tech Bites’ – An Intro to CANON (Video)

It’s technology, in small bite-sized amounts. We deal with all things motion picture. Follow the light: from the lenses that see, to the sensors and cameras that capture, to the computers and systems that process, the microphones that vibrate, the recorders, and the playback, we cover a little bit of everything. Each episode is one product. One company. One bite.

In partnership with CRAFT TRUCK we have an nice introduction to CANON line of Cinema Camera related items.  You gotta give it to Canon. They want to be in the cinema space, so they’ve committed to it.  The question you have to ask isn’t, “Well would it look as good as an F65 with Zeiss lenses??” Because first of all the answer to THAT question is, “No, it’ll look different. Like all products are different. But it would be perhaps a half-a-step back”, but more importantly, the question you have to ask is, “What is the price of all this?”  The limits of this equipment are only as far as the DP is talented and the director knows how to tell a story.

Also SEE Craft Truck break down the Canon Line of Cinema Prime Lenses HERE

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