Craft Truck ‘Tech Bites’ – TOUCHEDIT iPad Application (Video)

It’s technology, in small bite-sized amounts. We deal with all things motion picture. Follow the light: from the lenses that see, to the sensors and cameras that capture, to the computers and systems that process, the microphones that vibrate, the recorders, and the playback, we cover a little bit of everything. Each episode is one product. One company. One bite.

In partnership with CRAFT TRUCK we have our first film technology related video introducing the new TOUCH EDIT iPad AppTouchEdit captures the spirit of classical filmmaking while offering cutting-edge digital editing capabilities. By allowing editors to cut video using finger touch commands on tactile filmstrips, TouchEdit reconnects its users with the essence of real film. The app can also carry metadata, including timecode, and can output specialized lists to collaborate with other editing systems.  TouchEdit is frame accurate and carries timecode and can export a list -fcpxml with others to follow. It carries 8 tracks of stereo sound. It uses classic source/record monitors that can attach via HDMI to a monitor to use a client screen (monitoring not mirroring). It can download media from Dropbox.

TouchEdit works with all standard iPad media formats, including H.264 and MPEG-4. TouchEdit supports timecode from Quicktimes that have been rendered in H.264.  TouchEdit supports eight channels of stereo sound, that can be edited along with the picture. Moreover, Touchedit comes with a free library of sound effects provided by Wildfire Post-Production Studios.

Whether you’re a seasoned industry professional, or if you’ve never edited a movie in your life, you’ll be making precise, high quality edits within minutes with our intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

To Download TouchEdit for iPad ClickHERE

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