French Family Comedy ‘BOULE et BILL’ Plays Exclusive NYC Engagament at Quad Cinema Starting Friday, November 8

Based on Jean Roba’s beloved comic strip, Billy & Buddy [Boule et Bill] recounts the misadventures of eight-year-old Billy (Boule) and his cocker spaniel, Buddy (Bill). With a sparkling imaginative style and a lively soundtrack, the film brings to life a family’s humorous trials and tribulations in 1970’s France. Buddy is an abandoned young cocker spaniel waiting for a new owner to adopt him. When Billy – a little boy whose hair is as red as his own – appears, it’s love at first sight and the beginning of a great friendship. Not so much for Billy’s parents, however… Together with Caroline, the amorous tortoise who joins the family, Billy and the irrepressible dog test the family’s patience and well-laid plans. Between Buddy’s harrowing balancing act on the balcony rail and Caroline’s wild ride down the garbage chute, Billy must use his cowboy courage and smarts to keep them all together. Billy & Buddy is ultimately a nostalgic, sincere story about the magic of childhood and the joy of family adventures.

The Quad Cinema and Via Solitaria are pleased to present the French family comedy BILLY & BUDDY for an exclusive New York engagement begins Friday, November 8th

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