Guest Review: ‘5150 Rue Des Ormes’ by bleedingcritic™

This is an exceptional experience, I can’t stop thinking about it. Directed by Eric Tessia5150 Rue Des Ormes’ is one of the most frustrating and disturbing captivity stories. When you watch this film you realize how much repetitive dross is available.

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time is what this film exploits. All the cast steps up to the mark, especially the film school student Yannick played by Marc-Andre Grondin and the man of the house Jacques Beaulieu played by Normand D’Armour. Yannick has moved home to start his new term at film school. He is exploring his new neighbourhood and when cycling down a dead-end road called Elms Way, a black cat runs fast across the road in front of him…Slightly injured, with a damaged bike Yannick needs to get back home. I presumed black cats are good luck.

600full-5150-rue-des-ormes-posterI love it when stories involve religion as a backbone to a characters fanatical obsession. One religious obsessive performance I remember that stands out was the mother in ‘Carrie’ (1976) brilliantly portrayed by Piper Laurie. In this production the actor Normand D’Armour is an example of casting perfection, his character is intelligent, creepy, empathetic and is able to carry out acts of murder…yet does not like violence.Yes – you read that right. ‘doesn’t like violence’. He’s a clever, twisted and manipulative individual…trust me, it doesn’t get better than this.

There are many films that have characters kept in isolation, against their will, but this film really stands out. We can wonder about how easy it is for someone crazy to carry out their madness behind closed doors or we might actually know parents that are wrapped up in their own depressing isolated religious bubble that they should never be allowed to reproduce and this film demonstrates this with a ‘that could be the family living next door’ believability.

Included is this high-class film is a wonderful creative idea that’s refreshing and bloody original: An absolute psycho that happens to be an outstanding chess player! This work also explores those who never question authority and the psychological effects of long-term deprivation and unbearable captivity, you’ll even find yourself shouting at the screen because you’ll be drowning in tension and despair. ’5150 Elms Way’ (2009) is an awesome achievement that I can’t recommend highly enough.

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