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Apparently Director Adam Rehmeier had no script for this film although he had bullet points for every day of shooting. He wanted to make a film that feels real and he admits the end result is different from what he planned, however, I don’t know what his original plan was. In the ‘making of’ he also explains he had no crew which he preferred because without the luxuries that larger budget productions have like winnebagos and pampering for the actors, his film set will be the best depressing environment for the actors to work in…

The Bunny GameHe may have a valid point about the funds splashed out on treating actors like porcelain.

The actress Rodleen Getsic, who stars in this film actually influenced how the story rolls because it’s based on her own real life experience. If you decide to watch this production you’ll notice her surname Getsic tattooed along her arm, Rodleen is also credited as a producer.

I understand that the director wanted events in this film to be real, improvised and disturbing as possible for a horror film. What’s correct about this production is four observations. First off; the music is strong, aggressive and works well, it’s also created by the Director himself. The second observation is the film has no color, just filmed in black and white which is nice to see. The third correct idea is that there are moments of people just thinking and living in the moment which is down to good direction. The fourth interesting observation is that there’s no blood or gore, which was surprising.

There’s a small robbing of a bag scene in a bedroom that stayed with me, it’s a very cold act executed in a way as if you’re in the room as well with your hands tied up unable to help or shout. There’s also many sections in this film that come across like a very nasty disturbing MTV music video.

I’ve included some spoilers in the following two paragraphs so avoid if you prefer not to know. The actress Rodleen Getsic has her first film experience here, she was up for anything and wanted to live the part so she  started off by starving herself well before filming began. Her inexperience of working in a film and wanting to be open to whatever the director instructed, must have been a dream come true for the director because most other experienced actresses would have turned down degrading and humiliating scenes, which make up for the majority of this film. There’s a powerful head hair shaving scene which is a simple, and ultimately one of the worst acts of humiliation for a woman to go through.

This is possibly a marketing trick but in the ‘Making of ‘ they say she was actually branded in this film like an animal. At the start of the film the lead actress is giving a choking blow job, this can make you think your watching a nasty porn flick instead. You can still be disturbing and create brutality without watching an actress giving real oral sex or receiving actual, forever damaging, branding on her skin. I’m left thinking; it’s just marketing and a dildo was used in the BJ scene, the branding was just glue make up. Marketing hype? Whatever – in the end, so what, this way of attracting attention it’s not a big deal anymore. Any kind of shock marketing has been done so many times before, to the point you’re only going to get seriously noticed if your films strap-line is something along the lines of: ‘all actors in this film have been killed…for real’).

The Bunny GameThe fact that this film was made up as they filmed along shows, the director should have made the flow of the film change its single pattern because after 45 minutes I was really bored. The film is what it is, a long drawn out series of humiliation towards a vulnerable desperate young woman.

The original actor who was to play Rodleen Getsic‘s captor pulled out at the very last-minute before filming. I wonder if he realizes that’s one of the best career decisions he’s ever made. At the end of watching this film I felt empty, I expected a unique journey but was fed instead, an MTV like, glossy advert of crazy mentally damaged people taking drugs, having loveless sex in their small bubble of hell.

Be prepared to be in a bad mood afterwards for watching a film without depth or interesting dialogue.

The director had creative intentions but has ended up with a boring piece of film making which will gain underground status because of other reviews and shock-tactic marketing. If the director was a more experienced and imaginative individual, he would have included interesting, thought-provoking dialogue with extra scenes that are clever.  Stanley Kubrick could get away with making a lovely simple meal of a movie without the trimmings – the flavors were consistently beautiful. However, this director of ‘The Bunny Game’ (2010) needs all the trimmings because his meal is pre-packed and tastes awful.

There was an opportunity here to make a genuinely intelligent, controversial and powerful film, but Death Mountain Productions missed the boat on this one Big time. The endless cruelty towards women on-screen has no impact because you have zero empathy for the characters, the director has not managed to engage you with any depth of characters, apart from an endless downward spiral of isolated torture. It’s treading on what’s been done many times before, without giving us a different view. Now, if the two leading roles were reversed so the woman is the one dishing out the torture, then that might have earned it a few extra points…then again that’s been done before.

I know it’s easy to take negative shots at films just for not being original and not an easy task at all for any production company, writer or director to strike that unique original idea – But my point is this: With so many wonderful film works available to be inspired and influenced by – just try to make your own stamp on it – twist it on its head, chop and change something that will make the audience go somewhere that’s familiar, yet exciting – You may take us on the same journey, but experience, imagination and risk taking will take us along that journey via an alternative route. If you want to watch something that will demonstrate what I’ve suggested above, then watch the genuinely awesome film ‘Martyrs’ instead.

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