Guest Review (Indie Horror): ‘The Last Horror Movie’ by bleedingcritic™

I watched this English film many years ago and knew one day I’ll watch again, just to refresh my memory. I hope you haven’t seen The Last Horror Movie because you are in for a disturbing ride. As usual I’ll tread carefully not to disclose anything that’ll spoil the experience.

There’s a sadness watching this work a second time. Nothing to do with the film at all, but it’s to do with director Julian Richards, writer James Handel and lead actor Kevin Howarth. They are so talented and working together on this brilliant production should have been a springboard for all of them to be working within the film and television industry non stop. I’ve personally experienced times where I’ve worked on a television Drama or theatrical production, naively convinced that a constant stream of work offers will follow, which is not how this particular industry works. Unless of course you know, or are related to, someone in a strong position, or have the best representation.

Apart from William Friedkin, another director I would be interested to work with would have been Julian Richards, and this film will demonstrate why. This particular production would be very close to the kind of film I would have made, and would’ve been proud of, if I had the resources to create back in 2003. From the films awesome first 10 minutes, right through to when the credits roll, I honestly can’t fault this film with anything negative that’s worth writing about. You’ll compare this experience with two other films of the same genre, but because this is under the radar, The Last Horror Movie is the near perfect example,where a production comes together so well.

The Last Horror MovieThe script is smart and interesting, the questions it raises and answers it gives will challenge and thrill. If you agree with my previous film reviews, at this moment your heart should be pumping that little bit faster with anticipation. Right now I wish I was in your shoes, about to watch this film for the first time. The Last Horror Movie is the only time I’ve watched actor Kevin Howarth on screen, I’m confident that he’s pleased with his effort in this film. His display of passion and twisted rhetoric is genuine and engrossing. Casting directors take note, you should add Kevin Howarth onto your list of people you recommend. 

To be fair all the cast are fine, but Kevin Howarth is the one who makes this story come to life. Be prepared for scenes that will freeze your spine and trouble you for a while after viewing. The thread of this experience, combined with one of the best scripts I’ve heard, is a dark joy to watch. In this particular section of the horror genre, The Last Horror Film is one of the best examples you’ill witness. Despite it’s low budget look and feel, the finished product here is underrated. I hope my review here will trigger a new tide of interest from those of you that want to experience horror without the bullshit. The Last Horror Film is intelligent, dialogue heavy horror at its finest. Watch with an open mind and always check those dark corners.

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