IFFR 2016: A Bookworm’s Guide


The 45th edition of the International Film Festival of Rotterdam began on the 27th of January, and we couldn’t be more excited for reporting on site. With four categories and numberless subcategories, there is zero chance you will be disappointed as there is truly something here for all discernible tastes.

There is, although, one specific kind of audience that is usually more demanding than others: the bookworms. They usually have great expectations in movies based on fiction books or on documentaries chronicling their favorite author’s life and/or path to creation.

IFFR is here for that audience, giving a great selection of movies, fiction and non-fiction. Hereby is a list of them (because we can imagine you adore lists as much as we do):


1) And When I die I Won’t Stay Dead
Documentary on the life of Bob Kaufman, a poet who was part of the American counterculture-  drugs, arrests, jazz and poetry – of course!

2) Chaotic Love Poems
We all know a certain tragedy on a certain chaotic love story. To give you a hint, the protagonists are named Rumi and Yulia.

3) A Crackup at the Race Riots
A realistic depiction of the American Dream – and how it is perceived nowadays, based on the book by Harmony Korine.

4) Galindez
Based on the play El Señor Galindez, which was repressed in Argentina in 1972.

5) Ghost Ship
Nosferatu, Oscar Wilde and the desecration of F. W. Murnau’s tomb.

6) A Glória de Fazer Cinema em Portugal
The intention of José Régio to initiate Portuguese cinema.

7) The High Sun
Romeo and Juliet fall in love in Yugoslavia, 1990.

8) Innocence of Memories
A documentary on the tragic love of Kemal and Fusus, based on the book (and museum) The Museum of Innocence, by Orhan Pamuk.

9) The Light and the Paper
A reminder that reading is a directed form of seeing.

10) Love & Friendship
A free adaptation of Jane Austen’s Lady Susan.

11) Maria Aurèlia Campany parla d’un lloc entre els morts
A famous writer/ feminist/ anti-fascist talks about her latest novel (1960).

12) Le Moulin
A film essay on the homonymous Taiwanese poets’ collective, who protested against the Japanese superiority of the 1930s.

13) Notfilm
The making of the only attempt by Novelist Samuel Beckett to conquer the silver screen.

14) Notes on Blindness
Visualization of the audio diaries of John Hull, author- among other things-who went slowly blind.

15) La Novia
Federico García Lorca’s Bloody Wedding adapted for the big screen.

16) Poem
A short film based on Michael Snow’s poem… Poem!

17) Reimerswaal
Another short based on a poem- this time the homonymous one, written by Gerrit Achterberg.

18) Two Marxists in Hollywood
Sergei Eisenstein and Bertolt Brecht’s effort to make it in Hollywood, in a narrative depiction instead of documentation.

19) Univitellin
Yet another adaptation of Romeo & Juliet.


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