Immersive 1979 Revolution Installation to WORLD PREMIERE at Sundance

Gaming veteran and Rockstar Games Alumni, Navid Khonsari, lights the fuse on yet another revolution, an immersive exhibit that allows audiences to explore, play, listen and engage with the real events and story-world of the Iranian Revolution of 1979.  The exhibit is based on the 1979 REVOLUTION GAME, a narrative driven-adventure video game due to release in Spring 2015.  Deemed  “A truly revolutionary Game” by New Yorker, and “Best Ideas of 2014” by TIME Magazine, 1979 is an episodic game set during an era defining moment in modern history that echoes in todays relations between the Middle East and the West.  1979 REVOLUTION pushes the boundaries of premium gaming.  Offering mature narrative, with new media storytelling (historical assets, documentary content, graphic novel cinematics) and both suspenseful and engaging gameplay where decision-making is crucial. 

1979_SundancePoster1979 REVOLUTION EXHIBIT immerses audiences into a real space where digital, analogue and real world assets evoke an authentic intellectual and visceral journey.  Immersive sites comprise the exhibit.  One site includes authentic 1970’s audio tapes featuring personal testimonials of people who lived through the revolution, others include dressed human forms that are placed throughout the space – some of which have iPADs embedded in them.  The main projected site includes a protest, that via gameplay, audiences can participate.  The ipads allow you an interactive experience of the ‘not yet released’ content of 1979 Revolution GameBlack Friday.   The exhibit illuminates the stories of individuals versus the anonymous masses who represent revolution in the main stream.

With allegations in Iranian Press that Khonsari is a spy, to the concept artist’s, Mr. Pheonix’s dramatic and necessary flee from Iran, the road to development has been a whirlwind. Despite controversies iNK Stories continues to build momentum with a talented team as they approach the SPRING ’15 Release of the first episode.

Navid Negahban (Homeland, American Sniper) and Farshad Farahat (Argo) are among the talent included in the narrative gameplay.  1979 Revolution Game was incubated with the support of the Sundance Institute New Frontier Story Lab in 2014.

1979 REVOLUTION’S presence at the world renowned Sundance Film Festival is a coup for the video game industry as it marks the inclusion of gaming within the larger arena of art, narrative storytelling — signifying that games are evolving – not only in fidelity but also in content.  Via 1979, the Festival is paving the way for games to find general audiences alongside Art and Cinema – to substantively contribute to meaningful discourse within politics and the human experience – and particularly in the case of 1979 – to explore the humanity of revolution.

This transmedia immersive installation features a sneak peak of 1979 Revolution Game due to release in Spring 2015 on (iOS, MAC, PC, ANDROID, STEAM, DLC). 


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