International Student Filmmaking Network ‘INDY KINO’ Launches

Indy Kino has announced the launch of its specialist network designed for student filmmakers to share their work and build up a huge base of contacts. Networking within Indy Kino will open up a huge wealth of opportunities for working with different individuals from all over the world.

The site has four main functions.

Video: Members can add all their portfolio work to the site. Indy Kino has made it easy by enabling embedding from popular video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo, there’s no extra upload hassle.

Profile: Indy Kino allows you to build your profile like an online CV. Members can go to each other’s profiles, browse their work, find out what skills they have and get in connect. This can sometimes lead to members receiving work simply from someone browsing their profile.

Groups: Within the site there are specific pages for each filmmaking specialty. Members can join the group and network with other people interested in the same thing. Others also post job adverts on these pages if they require a certain talent.

Networking: They provide many features to build the members base of contacts. Allowing members to add others as friends, live chat and private messaging. Indy Kino also feature the work they think deserve recognition on the homepage, allowing members to receive greater exposure.


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