January is DOCUMENTARY MONTH @ reRun Theater

IFP at reRun is a new initiative of the Independent Filmmaker Project and Filmmaker Magazine to program and mentor feature films to play at Brooklyn’s reRun Theater for week runs.  January see’s Documentary Month at reRun with films covering gentrification, technology and prejudice from around the world.

My Brooklyn‘ – 1/4 – TICKETS
Dir:  Kelly Anderson
Co-Presented by Filmwax.
My Brooklyn‘ follows director Kelly Anderson’s journey, as a Brooklyn gentrifier, to understand the forces reshaping her neighborhood. The film documents the redevelopment of Fulton Mall, a bustling African-American and Caribbean commercial district that – despite its status as the third most profitable shopping area in New York City – is maligned for its inability to appeal to the affluent residents who have come to live around it. As a hundred small businesses are replaced by high rise luxury housing and chain retail, Anderson uncovers the web of global corporations, politicians and secretive public-private partnerships that drive seemingly natural neighborhood change. Special events, panels, and discussions every night!

My Brooklyn trailer from Kelly Anderson on Vimeo.


Welcome to the Machine‘ – 1/11
Dir:  Avi Zev Weider
Co-Presented by DCTV.
Upon becoming the father to triplets, filmmaker Avi Zev Weider explores the nature of technology. Woven together with expert interviews and portraits of people who have intimate relationships with technology, Welcome to the Machine takes the conversation away from the business of technology and the latest gadgets and leads the audience to ultimately consider questions of life and death, revealing that all discussions about technology are really about what it means to be human.

Welcome To The Machine :: Trailer from Avi Weider on Vimeo.


Our School‘ – 1/18
Dir:  Mona Nicoara
Alin, Beni, and Dana, three Roma (“Gypsy”) children from a small Transylvanian town participate in an initiative to integrate the ethnically segregated Romanian schools, struggling against indifference, tradition and bigotry with humor, optimism and sass. Shot over four years, their story touches on issues ranging from institutionalized racism, public education, and the intractability of poverty, culminating in an outrageous finale that cements the Roma children’s struggle in the annals of egregious human rights violations. An absorbing, infuriating, and ultimately bittersweet story of tradition and progress.

Our School teaser from Mona Nicoara on Vimeo.


reRun Theater
147 Front St. Brooklyn, NY



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