NEWFILMMAKERS NY @ Anthology Film Archives – 9/4 & 9/5

NewFilmmakers is an internationally recognized screening series and over the past fourteen years has screened over 600 feature and 2,000 short films. NewFilmmakers screens a wide range of films including animation, documentaries, shorts, and features. Many are films and videos overlooked by traditional film festivals.

This week see’s NewFilmmakers present an extended 2-day program spanning the spectrum of NYC based filmmaking.  On Tuesday, September 4 NewFilmmakers begins with an hour animation showcase followed by the usual collection of eclectic short films, culminating in the feature presentation of ‘TEARS OF BANKERS‘.  Then on Wednesday, September 5 an extended short program of gives way to ‘FRIENDS & LOVERS‘.

NewFilmmakers NY screens every week and sometimes more at Anthology Film Archives (32 2nd Ave & 2nd st.) each Wednesday starting at 6pm

Tuesday, September 04 – Courthouse Theater

6:00 PM Special Program

* curated by Eric Leiser

7:00 PM First Short Program

MY LAST DAY (2012, 10 minutes)
Dir: Lucienne Fisher
A weary middle-aged manager working on Wall Street makes a numbing commute to and from work everyday. Day in and day out. Until one day when he makes a decision that is literally life altering.

Dir: Chistiane Hitzeman

KIDS IN SUITS (2011, 17 minutes)
Dir: Alexander Lawrence
Kids In Suits was created using a new style of experimental filmmaking. Peripheral Vision Cinema (PVC): Three cameras. Three Screens. A new way of watching movies! Kids in Suits is pushing the envelope when it comes to the filmmaking experience. With PVC, the action literally takes place all around you, making you an active participant in a movie that surrounds you. Here’s how… While Nate is freaking out at his desk in one screen, the other two screens are used as atmosphere to give you a fuller sense of the environment. To stay focused on the action, we use editing and sound to help guide you. Stunning panoramic views of Nate traveling through the busy streets of Manhattan and flashback sequences that cross between screens taking the storytelling experience to a whole new level.

IN KIND (2011, 15 minutes)
Dir: Cameron Nelson
Robert Drake is dealing with the uncontrollable forces in his life. Trapped in middle-age, unemployed and struggling with debt, he lives an ascetic lifestyle marked only by his daily bicycle rides. Ritual and solitude turn to hope and redemption in this quiet contemplative piece about the nature of family in the modern world.

8:15 PM Second Short Program

Dir: Joanna Rhinehart

THE HUMAN FACTOR (2011, 28 minutes)
Dir: Thibault LE TEXIER
In 1914, an engineer sent away to reorganize a factory exchanges letters with his wife. As he tells her about his experiments in taylorism, she picks up bits and pieces of this method and applies it to her daily tasks at home. While he gets disappointed by the Taylor system, she becomes a true domestic engineer.

9:15 PM Feature Presentation

TEARS OF BANKERS (2012, 100 minutes)
Dir: Rick Schmidt
TEARS OF BANKERS follows the mortgage meltdown of Mr. Barry Norman’s B&B, owned and operated by himself and his wife Brittany (Brittany Hannah) in the small town of Rome, Georgia. At the beginning, Norman states his disdain for bankers; they will rule soon on his loan and prospects for the future (‘ten words that decides basically the rest of my life’). Since Norman has kept his present financial problems secret from Brittany, she’s remained confused by her husband’s increasingly erratic behavior. Real-life stories from the B&B staff, a B&B guest, a landscaper and Brittany herself, reflect on how others have coped under adversity. Can epic love triumph in a busy Paris airport? What role does luck play in surviving a near fatal head injury? Is America a ‘place of excess’ compared to China and elsewhere? And can we beat the irrational and frantic worries of old age? In one of Norman’s stories we hear about his life-long struggle with depression, due, perhaps, to losing his mother at an early age. When he reveals his inability to feel unconditional love toward Brittany – he fully experienced it with his mother and grandmother – we’re almost convinced that his early losses and messy prior divorce have turned his heart cold. As the loan deadline approaches, Norman wonders if he will again lose a house AND a wife (his second) to the machinations of the banking industry. Only a miracle can save him, as the money men move in for the kill.

Wednesday, September 05 – Courthouse Theater

6:00 PM First Short Program

BONDAGE PRISON (2011, 11 minutes)
Dir: Jesse Collier
After being framed for a crime she didn’t commit, Aphrodite Jackson has been sent to Bondage Prison. Life is rough in this prison, she must fight to save her ass from sadistic prison guards, lesbian gangs and the evil Warden Ash: Mistress of the Whip. Crooked Police Chief Collier is in cahoots with the wicked Warden, Aphrodite Jackson is the only person who can bust this story wide open

AUDITIONING FANNY (2011, 15 minutes)
Dir: Mia’kate Russell
Auditioning Fanny follows an eventful week in the life of Fanny Love.A naive woman with stars in her eyes, she yearns for an old Hollywood world long gone, and dreams of a love story lost in modern society.With the sweet innocence of a child and a quick temper of a psychopath she is thrilled when auditions for a new musical film starring heart throb Jack Baron are announced.With a spring in her step and a song in her heart Fanny knows this is the bigbreak she’s been waiting for, and as long as nobody stands in her path,everything should work out just dandy.

THE PLAN (2012, 15 minutes)
Dir: Vivek Sharma
Kat works as a receptionist at Delirium Post, an audio post-production facility in New York City. At night, she records her music at the facility with the help of her engineer friend, Remy. Her bitchy British boss, Janine, is dating a record label owner, referred to only as Big Boss, who has an interest in signing Kat to his label. Meanwhile, Kat struggles with the ups-and-downs of having her long-time girlfriend, Radhika, extremely ill in the hospital with a life-threatening disease called Wegener’s Granulomatosis. But, when Big Boss gives Kat a special gift, her chances of getting a record deal are thrown off-course when Janine exhibits signs of jealousy, and Kat realizes she needs a backup plan.

DOCTOR GLAMOUR (2011, 15 minutes)
Dir: Andrew Jones
Peerless science student Walter Gilman meets his match in Eve Walpurgis and promptly falls in love.But when Eve is taken by an extra dimensional terror, Walter is forced to summon a demon of his own: the anachronistic Doctor Glamour! An outrageous sci-fi musical comedy with psychedelic special effects, sexy sharp humor and a slew of hard hitting rock numbers.

MY RIFLE, MY BABY, AND ME (2012, 16 minutes)
Dir: Lola Kirke
‘My Rifle, My Baby and Me’ tells the story of Paula and Baby, two young women who play a childlike game in which they must kill an invisible cowboy. The fantastical world they have built together becomes jeopardized when Baby suddenly grows dissatisfied with her submissive role: while Paula gets to drive, shoot guns, and make the rules, Baby pours the tea, dreams of love, and writes poetry. Their once harmonious relationship quickly evolves into a brutal power struggle that not only threatens the imaginary realm they inhabit, but also their friendship as a whole. This film seeks to examine the representation of the female in film, the Western as a genre, and the nature of friendship between women.

7:30 PM Second Short Program

ANECDOTE (2011, 15 minutes)
Dir: Ahmed Ziari
When his mother commits suicide, Adam moves in with his new friend Deena who introduces him to a different life style. Adam throws himself to the seedy streets in effort to shed the scars of his past life. A chance encounter with Michael hides a secret neither of them is prepared to face.

SHAPE OF THE SHAPELESS (2010, 30 minutes)
Dir: Jayan Cherian
Shape of the Shapeless explores the journey of Jon Cory, aka Premdas, aka Rose Wood,through various gender and social roles. By day, Jon Cory is a professional craftsperson, who runs a successful business in New York City. By night she is Premdas, a yogi and a prudent devotee of her Guru. In late nights she performs in various clubs around the city as a burlesque dancer under the name Rose wood. Rose considers herself neither male nor female, and her gender is something she could write and rewrite and believes the body is just a costume. The film explores the spiritual quest of a performer, a yogi, and an artisan who transgresses the boundaries of traditional notions of body, gender, creed, and sexuality.

QUIET (2012, 32 minutes)
Dir: Lauren Fash
Ali is reserved, contemplative, and on guard. Sam is playful, fearless, and spirited. Careful Ali cleans up messes and works 9 to 5. Sam sees the world as an empty canvas ready for bold, colorful strokes. But when a mutual friend James introduces them, they embark on an enchanting and wholly unlikely love story. Stark personality differences fuel the relationship, creating energy and friction that keeps their relationship both lively and difficult at times. Over time, with their friends James, Nora, and Kiley, the couple assembles a chosen family, happily oblivious to an impending tragedy that would soon upend their lives forever.On the eve of the couple’s anniversary, a violent accident renders Sam unconscious. Rather than reveal the true nature of her relationship with Sam, she poses as Sam’s sister to avoid unnecessary questions. As her sister, Ali’s visitation rights are liberal. More importantly, Ali is able to make critical medical decisions – much to the chagrin of Sam’s doctor who advises her to remove Sam from life support, unnerved by her attempts at patient advocacy.As Sam lingers in a coma, Ali’s neatly organized strategy begins to implode. As she charts her relationship with Sam from first look to last, Ali gets closer to an uncomfortable and startling truth, which she has cautiously locked away. While memories begin to create cracks in her heart, outside forces are conspiring to tear her away from Sam. A nurse exposes their real relationship and has Ali escorted out of the room by a security officer in a dramatic show of power that is both painful and humiliating. Ali’s lone ally Nurse Mel comes to her defense, but is chastised and outranked. Heartbroken and desperate, Ali must now face the institutionalized homophobia that sees her as nothing more than a “friend,” while finally exorcising the demons that plagued the last few moments of her marriage. Inspired by a true story, Quiet lacks neither poetic voice nor courageous song.

9:15 PM Feature Presentation

FRIENDS AND LOVERS (2009, 90 minutes)
Dir: Ron Pike
Jim is a young man whose world of routine and idle fantasy is interrupted by a romance with Claire, a waitress at a coffee shop. But their relationship is soon threatened by Jim’s self-anger. At a garage he meets Tom, a mechanic, a man with a passion for life. Jim’s instant liking for Tom is more than attraction. There is only one problem: Tom is straight, but Jim is not. And then things become honest.


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