NYC Filmmaker Merges Short Form Cinema and the Musical, Uncovers Multi-Talented Cast in ‘STAGE OF MIND”

Mesmerized by roommate Alicia’s (Constanza Palavecino) singing from the shower Jeremy inches closer to the bathroom door imagining her performance as being played on a stage, however an unexpected situation eventually has unsuspecting Jeremy (Philip Eggers) becoming the star of his own show.

Stage Of Mind‘ was inspired on Director Robbie Vicencio arrival to NYC from Mexico. With a musical theater roommate who sang in the shower every morning, the film directly draws from personal experience. The character of Alicia, as well as the songs themselves, are based on the seduction of a new city, as well as the timidness that may come with it.  With a particularly strong performance from the multi- talented beauty Constanza Palavencino, a distinctly neo-noir color palette a la ‘Chicago‘ from Cinematographer Ines Portugal and the confidence of an emerging director, ‘Stage Of Mind‘ marks a diverse and fresh take on, not only, the short film format, but the hybridity of genre and the (maybe) the re emergence of the musical as short form cinema.

I wrote the lyrics and directed the way I wanted the songs to sound…I think the short doesn’t tell a story, it just brings a daily situation like singing in the shower to the next level. It becomes an experience that I usually go through in my head by day dreaming about musical numbers randomly.  Alicia is a strong female character, one that enjoys be in control, cause I grew up in a place (Mexico) where women are used to be in a “Macho” society and I wanted portrait exactly the opposite.” – Robbie Vicencio


Stage Of Mind‘ has been an OFFICIAL SELECTION of the DAM Short Film Festival (Boulder City, NV), International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts (Hollywood, Ca) & The Los Angeles Comedy Shorts Film Festival (Los Angeles, Ca).

“…a Broadway version of Across the Universe.” – FountainPop
Vicencio shows proficiency at bringing sophisticated ideas to the screen.” –

Directed By: Robbie Vicencio
Starring: Constanza Palavecino, Philip Eggers
Produced By: Kentaro Ishihata, Nedelka Sotelo & Robbie Vicencio
Cinematography By: Ines Portugal
Original Music By: Sebastian Romero & Robbie Vicencio

Facebook: /StageofMind


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