NYC Inspired & Filmed Dutch Production ‘MY BETHESDA ANGEL’ Screens @ NewFilmmakers NY – Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A young man wanders around New York, yearning to make human contact. There is one problem: he is an angel and nobody can see him. We follow him in his attempts to connect with the woman he loves.

Told through lyrical visuals and sparse dialogue ‘My Bethesda Angel‘ is a poetic story about the impossibility of love.  The film was shot no-budget with actors Lee Reitelman and Irina Varina and a very small crew with the city of New York acting as inspiration.  As part of NEWFILMMAKERS NY, held at New York City’s famed Film Forum, ‘My Bethesda Angel‘ screens on Wednesday, April 24, 2013.

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My Bethesda Angel

About Felix Van Cleeff
Felix van Cleeff (1987) is a Dutch film director in the tradition of auteur filmmakers, who despite his young age has already produced a vast and rapidly growing body of work and has worked with some of the best actors in the Dutch film field.  He is increasingly surrounding himself with a talented and close team of collaborators, consisting of top actors and crew members who all want to work with him joining in his vision.  He has independently directed, written and produced four short films and one 60 minute length feature film.  Van Cleeff’s films are marked by an expressive and lyrical style. He often tells his stories through poignant visuals, the use of music and sparse dialogue. His films deal with themes as pure love, social alienation, the longing for intimacy and suicide.  Van Cleeff is a composer as well. He wrote the original soundtracks for his films Eenoog and De Vreemdeling.


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