NYC PictureStart Film Festival Visits South Africa

Founded in 2002, NYC PictureStart Film Festival showcases short films from all over the world from emerging filmmakers as well as those already established in the industry. Films of all genres are accepted and those chosen for screening competition display a high-level of artistic excellence. Every June, the NYCPSFF is held for filmmakers to screen films and to interact with each other, industry professionals and audience members in a relaxed, social atmosphere. NYCPSFF is the festival where filmmakers feel at home.

Starting in 2013, NYCPSFF begins a new project – a visiting series. After being approached over the years from attendees of past festivals about the festival’s unique approach to screening films, NYCPSFF will start visiting cities all over America and the world. First up: South Africa. In each new region, every effort will be made to not only screen the top quality short films our New York audiences get to see every June, but to also present to the local communities the films being created in their own backyard.

Additionally, NYCPSFF will work together and help support Kasi Movie Nights. Based in Johannesburg, Kasi Movie Nights is a MOBILE CINEMA initiative that brings locally produced films to townships, rural communities and places of need.

NYC PictureStart Film Festival visits South Africa will run April 22 – 27, 2013. Two nights in Potchefstroom and two nights in Johannesburg.  This year’s NYC PictureStart Film Festival here in NYC in June will include a special screening night featuring the short films shown at the South African event.

Donate to the NYC PictureStart Film Festival on KickstarterHERE
: @NYCPSFilmFest


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