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2014 SXSW Filmmaker Profile: Diana Whitten (Director – ‘Vessel’)

2014 SXSW Filmmaker Profile: Diana Whitten (Director – ‘Vessel’)

Dr. Rebecca Gomperts sails a ship around the world, providing abortions at sea for women with no legal alternative. Her idea begins as flawed spectacle, faced with governmental, religious, and military blockade. But with each roadblock comes a more refined mission, until Rebecca realizes she can use new technologies to bypass law – and train

Interview: Lana Wilson & Martha Shane (Filmmakers) and Dr. Susan Robinson (Doc. Subject) – ‘AFTER TILLER’

Right now there are only four doctors in America who perform third trimester abortions and they happen to be the subjects of the documentary ‘After Tiller‘, a fascinating and humanizing look at a polarizing issue. Directed by filmmakers Lana Wilson and Martha Shane, ‘After Tiller’ refers to life after George Tiller, a late term abortion physician