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ITUNES/AMAZON Date Set for Moving Documentary “DESERT RUNNERS” – December 10, 2013

ITUNES/AMAZON Date Set for Moving Documentary “DESERT RUNNERS” – December 10, 2013

Imagine you’ve been dropped off in the middle of one of the largest, driest deserts in the World. Over the next six days you will have to run, jog, walk or crawl 155 miles through the incessant heat (up to 120 degrees), across soft sand and hard-packed gravel, over sand dunes multiple stories high and

Award-Winning Producer Ben Loyd Holmes (The Hike, Art Of Darkness, Breaking Down) announces MONSTER MOVIE “The Expedition” due for 2014.

A Research Team led by a renowned and respected Professor embark on an Expedition deep within the Amazon to study vulnerable and endangered species. However after a series of strange events, the superstitious guides abandon the team, who, faced with a tough decision, decide to remain deep in the jungle in an attempt to complete

Tribeca Film Sets Winter Date for Neil LaBute’s Provocative, Poignant ‘SOME VELVET MORNING’

Tribeca Film announced it has acquired all U.S. rights to Neil LaBute’s enigmatic relationship drama ‘Some Velvet Morning‘ starring Academy Award nominee Stanley Tucci and Alice Eve. The film, written and directed by LaBute and produced by Tim Harms, Daryl Freimark, Michael Corrente, Trent Othick, and David Zander, had its World Premiere at the 2013 Tribeca Film

Black Lips Announce Theatrical Release For Epic Middle East Movie ‘KIDS LIKE YOU & ME’ + New Tour Dates

Seminal punk rockers and VICE Records artist the Black Lips are hitting the road this fall for a set of select dates which will include a performance as well as a special screening of their new rock and roll feature length movie ‘Kids Like You & Me’ that shows the punk rockers playing where few western

Digital Space/Digital Age 1: VHX Offers Latest in DIY Distribution

The ultimate struggle for independent filmmakers a decade or so ago was securing that golden opportunity of a theatrical distribution deal. Ask any independent filmmaker at the time and you were bound to hear the same story time and again about how difficult, stressful, frustrating and disappointing the process was. Some of them may have

Tribeca Interview: Vivienne Roumani (Director – ‘Out of Print’)

Dive into the riveting debate over the future of ideas, as documentarian Vivienne Roumani tackles the questions confronting and at times confounding the modern word industry. To some, the digital revolution can offer an extraordinary gift to humanity: unfettered access to all published content, assuming future generations have the patience and curiosity for research. The