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Interview: Matt Creed (Director/Co-Writer – ‘Lily’)

Interview: Matt Creed (Director/Co-Writer – ‘Lily’)

Lily, a film by first-time director, Matt Creed, is loosely based on the real- life experiences of co-writer and lead actress Amy Grantham. Intensely beautiful, Lily wanders the atmospheric New York City streets as she reevaluates her relationship with her older boyfriend and her feelings about her long-absent father. Lily is an immersion into a

Tribeca Filmmaker Profile: Matt Creed (Director – ‘Lily’)

Diagnosed with breast cancer and nearing the end of her treatment, ‘Lily‘ turns her focus to the rest of her life with newfound clarity. Wandering through atmospheric New York City streets, she reevaluates what she has built for herself, including her life with an older boyfriend and his children and her feelings about her long-absent