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On The Radar: Berlinale 2017

On The Radar: Berlinale 2017

Who said global warming is a myth? Not us. Neither did the Berlin International Film Festival 2017, which is welcoming the cutest polar bear on its poster…or terrifying polar bear. We haven’t decided yet. One of the most atmospheric cities on the continent is about to welcome the 67th edition of its renowned film festival (09/02-18/02). This


2016 Berlinale Interview – Jan Gassmann (Europe, She Loves)

Europe, She Loves is a documentary that follows four couples living in Spain, Greece, Estonia and Ireland.  We see them taking showers, fighting, making love and facing their individual challenges. The film is an intimate reflection of their present situation in Europe. Between searching, wanting to change, longing to stay but also the question what


2016 Berlinale Interview: Chloé Leriche (Director/Writer) – “Avant Les Rues / Before The Streets”

The first dramatic feature shot in the native language of Atikamekw, Before The Streets explores the life on the Atikamekw reservation in the Canadian province of Québec.  The film boasts a cast composed almost entirely of non-professionals living and working in the villages where the film was shot by first-time feature director Chloé Leriche. Menacing

2016 Berlinale Interview: Patric Chiha – (Brüder der Nacht)

Vienna as a non-stop nocturnal land and doss house, the flip side of its daytime persona, devoid of schmaltzy waltzes and ‘Mozartkugel’ chocolates.  The protagonists of Brüder der Nacht are young Bulgarian Romani who have wound up in Vienna due to poverty and the need to earn money for their families, and who are now


2016 Berlinale Interview: Sherng-Lee Huang (Hotel Dallas)

In the 80s, in the twilight of communist Romania,  “Dallas” is the only American show allowed on TV. It offers a vision of wealth and glamour that captures the imagination of millions. Among them are Ilie and his daughter Livia. He is a small-time criminal and aspiring capitalist; she is in love with the show’s handsome

2016 Berlinale Interview: Zrinko Ogresta – (On The Other Side)

Vesna, a nurse, lives with her two grown-up children in Zagreb. Vesna’s son is married and his wife is expecting their second child; her daughter is engaged, and all seems well in the world.  But their name poses an obstacle to all of them. When Vesna came to Zagreb twenty years ago she intended to