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Guest Review: ‘5150 Rue Des Ormes’ by bleedingcritic™

Guest Review: ‘5150 Rue Des Ormes’ by bleedingcritic™

This is an exceptional experience, I can’t stop thinking about it. Directed by Eric Tessia ‘5150 Rue Des Ormes’ is one of the most frustrating and disturbing captivity stories. When you watch this film you realize how much repetitive dross is available. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time is what this film

Guest Review: ‘The Poisoning’ by bleedingcritic™

I watched the Trailer for The Poisoning and was intrigued. However, the Trailer doesn’t give you a balanced impression of what this film is actually about, which is very miss-leading. Be mindful, The Poisoning is not another experience like The Hitcher (1986), though it is a road movie. The camera direction and acting during the opening romantic scenes is exceptional.

Guest Review: ‘The Bunny Game’ by bleedingcritic™

Apparently Director Adam Rehmeier had no script for this film although he had bullet points for every day of shooting. He wanted to make a film that feels real and he admits the end result is different from what he planned, however, I don’t know what his original plan was. In the ‘making of’ he also explains

Guest Review: ‘The Theatre Bizarre’ by bleedingcritic™

The last time I enjoyed watching short stories within a film was the excellent TV movie ‘Body Bags’ (1993), you may remember the awesome short ‘The Gas Station’. 1982′s ‘Creep Show’ was a little gentle for my liking but great fun nevertheless. The ‘Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983) was pretty good for its time as