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Capsule Review: ‘Cut to Black’

Capsule Review: ‘Cut to Black’

Writer/Director/Star Dan Eberle’s, neo noir gangster homage ‘Cut to Black‘ made quite a splash at the 2013 Brooklyn Film Festival, coming away with the AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD after a packed house screening at Brooklyn’s Windmill Studios.  A heavy handed, genre picture, the film offers an unflinching account of modern corruption with a distinctly New York City

2013 Brooklyn Film Festival Filmmaker Profile: Dan Eberle (Writer/Director/Producer/Star – ‘Cut to Black’)

Bill Ivers, a disgraced ex-cop, is hired by a wealthy former friend to rid his estranged daughter Jessica of a stalker. Soon, Bill finds himself interceding in Jessica’s increasingly complicated life, caught between the crushing debt of a dangerous loan shark, and the specter of her father’s shadowy past. ‘Cut to Black’ is a story