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Review: Bourek

Review: Bourek

A multicultural gathering on a fictional Greek isle sets the stage for ‘Bourek,’ the new ensemble comedy from Vladan Nikolic (Zenith, Allure). Awash with eclectic characters, delicious food, and scenery to spare ‘Bourek’ and the island of Khronos, somewhere between Asia, North Africa, and Europe, find highlight in their beauty, natural, edible, and cinematic. Presented

Kino! 2015 Interview:  Christoph Hochhäusler (Director- “The Lies Of The Victors”)

Investigative journalist Fabian Groys enjoys great freedom since the stories he uncovers make for strong sales. He works for a political news magazine in their Berlin head office. In this context, his arrogance raises few eyebrows. In this political thriller In this political thriller “The Lies of the Victors“, two investigative journalists try to unravel

Kino! 2015 Interview: Christian Zübert (Director- ‘Tour De Force’)

During a cycling tour to Belgium, a group of friends must deal with one of their friends decision to end his life with dignity, in this touching and profound drama. Such as his father, Hannes is struggling with the degenerative disease ALS, and his recent decline has been so sharp that he has chosen to

Interview: Jos Stelling (Director/Co Writer – ‘The Girl and Death’)

In Russia of the post-WWII era, aging doctor Nicolai (Sergey Makovetsky) returns to an old, abandoned hotel outside of Liepzig, Germany, the place where he first met his great love 50 years ago, and relives his romantic tragedy. The hotel still bears the traces of its impressive past. As a young medical student travelling from

Nathan Silver’s ‘Soft in the Head’ Set to Open Theatrically in NYC

Thrown out of her New York City apartment, Natalia (Sheila Etxeberría), a 25-year-old emotionally unhinged young woman, relies on the kindness of friends and strangers. Seemingly unaware of the havoc she wreaks, she skips from one place to another, including the apartment of her best friend Hannah(Melanie J. Scheiner), where she crashes a holiday meal and seduces Hannah’s socially

Provocative Thriller ‘The Will’ To Celebrate World Premiere in NYC

ChapanWorks announces the world premiere of  a new thriller ‘The Will’ on February  28, 2014 at the Cinema Village in New York City. Written and directed by Alexander Chapan, ‘The Will‘ is a tale of greed, lust and betrayal that unfolds in a dark and surreal landscape. The brilliant ensemble cast features Susan Porro, Alex Montaldo, Beth