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CPH:DOX Unveils Full 2017 Program

CPH:DOX Unveils Full 2017 Program

Dealing with the complete transformation of our common reality and current world order, CPH:DOX is back with their first spring edition ever. Taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark from 16-26 March, CPH:DOX is a reflection, a comeback and a counter-attack on behalf of art, our common reality and truth. A massive attack in the form of

65th Berlinale Interview: Atsushi Funahashi (Director – ‘Nuclear Nation II’)

‘Nuclear Nation II‘ follows a new group of people exiled from Futaba, the region occupied by the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Since the 1960s, Futaba had been promised prosperity with tax breaks and major subsidies to make up for the presence of the plant… until the townspeople lost their homeland on March 11,

Zipper: Coney Island’s Last Wild Ride NOW AVAILABLE on iTUNES & Plays Brooklyn NiteHawk Theater ONE NIGHT ONLY Halloween Eve

A story about greed, politics and the land grab of the century, ‘ZIPPER‘ chronicles the battle over an American cultural icon. Small-time ride operator, Eddie Miranda, proudly operates a 38-year-old carnival contraption called the Zipper in the heart of Coney Island’s gritty amusement district. When his rented lot is snatched up by an opportunistic real

Review: ‘Zipper: Coney Island’s Last Wild Ride’

Directed by Amy Nicholson Amy Nicholson’s documentary ‘Zipper: Coney Island’s Last Wild Ride’ is a detailed exploration of several years’ worth of squabbles, dealmaking and human suffering surrounding zoning and land-use issues in Brooklyn’s Coney Island. And in its best sections the film remembers the little guy, giving equal time to Coney Island workers, government