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Review: ‘Theresa Is a Mother”

Review: ‘Theresa Is a Mother”

Directed by C. Fraser Press and Darren Press Written by C. Fraser Press Starring C. Fraser Press, Schuyler Press, Maeve Press, Amaya Press, Edie McClurg, Richard Poe, Robert Turano, Matthew Gumley ‘Theresa Is a Mother’ Plays as part of the Chain NYC Film Festival at The Chain Theatre, Long Island City on 8/14 @ 7pm & 8/17

Interview: Darren Press ( Co-Director ‘Theresa is a Mother’)

Theresa McDermott has chased her “ideal” life as an urban-dwelling, punk(ish) singer-songwriter to the very end of its possible existence. She is broke, options have run out and she happens to have a few kids she is raising on her own since their dad split a year ago. Facing eviction and nowhere to go, Theresa

2012 Festival Favorite ‘THERESA IS A MOTHER’ Comes to QUAD CINEMA

‘Theresa is a Mother’ is the story of Theresa McDermott a failed but always hopeful solo punk artist trying to survive in New York City with her 3 daughters and no husband. When things go south and she can no longer make ends meet, she is forced to pack up and move back to the