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Announcing The First-Ever White House Student Film Festival

Announcing The First-Ever White House Student Film Festival

The first ever White House Student Film Festival launches today — and it’s open to U.S. students, grades K-12. What’s your education story & how does technology and connectivity fit into how you learn at school or on your own? How do you imagine technology will change the educational experience for kids in the future?

Tribeca Interview: Vivienne Roumani (Director – ‘Out of Print’)

Dive into the riveting debate over the future of ideas, as documentarian Vivienne Roumani tackles the questions confronting and at times confounding the modern word industry. To some, the digital revolution can offer an extraordinary gift to humanity: unfettered access to all published content, assuming future generations have the patience and curiosity for research. The

Support NYC Public Education Drama ‘THE TEACHER’ on Kickstarter

“The Crisis in Public Education through the eyes of a First-Year High School Teacher” THE TEACHER is a narrative feature to begin production July, 2013. Writer/Director Jeremy Engle has drawn on his experiences as a classroom teacher to create a compelling dramatic story out of the daily struggles of public school teachers and their students.