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10 Classics Of German Expressionism

10 Classics Of German Expressionism

The period between 1913 – 1918 was one of existential tumult for Germany. Once thought to be Great Britain’s chief rival for continental supremacy, the impending World War 1 would shatter that illusion. Following harsh penalties imposed in its people following the war, German culture sought answers as to what had gone wrong from any

2013 Brooklyn Film Festival Filmmaker Profile: Dan Eberle (Writer/Director/Producer/Star – ‘Cut to Black’)

Bill Ivers, a disgraced ex-cop, is hired by a wealthy former friend to rid his estranged daughter Jessica of a stalker. Soon, Bill finds himself interceding in Jessica’s increasingly complicated life, caught between the crushing debt of a dangerous loan shark, and the specter of her father’s shadowy past. ‘Cut to Black’ is a story