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Doxa Film Festival Interview: Antti Haase (Monsterman)

Doxa Film Festival Interview: Antti Haase (Monsterman)

Tomi Petteri Putaansuu, also known as Mr. Lordi, is the lead singer of Finland’s most celebrated, and decorated, metal band, Lordi. After being severely bullied in school, Tomi channeled his pain, and his love for KISS, into an elaborate monster fantasy world. From creepy figurines to horror movies, his artistic vision led him to form

Interview: Pirjo Honkasalo (Director – ‘Concrete Night’)

‘Concrete Night,’ Finland’s official entry into the 87th Annual Academy Awards‘ foreign language film category, is a dreamlike odyssey through beautiful Helsinki over the course of one night. The film, based on a 1981 novel by Finnish author Pirkko Saisio, centers on a 14-year-old boy named Simo (Johannes Brotherus), who is still searching for a sense of

2014 Tribeca Film Festival Filmmaker Profile: Tonislav Hristov (Director/Co-Writer – ‘Love & Engineering’)

Is there an algorithm for love? Atanas, a Bulgarian engineer living in Finland, thinks he has an answer—he’s found a wife for himself, after all—and he wants to share his findings with some of his geeky bachelor friends. Together they carry out a series of experiments to crack the code and develop a new, scientific

Globe-Trotting, Millenial Documentary ‘SANSKRITI’ Crowdfunding NOW

Sanskriti is an ancient Sanskrit word that translating to the English word for culture.  Following five unique global ambassadors of the millennial generation and shot over four continents, ‘Sanskriti‘ is a feature length documentary and a global adventure from a dedicated, New York City based filmmaking collective. The film aims to profile five members of