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Interview: Sabine Lidl (Director – ‘Nan Goldin: I Remember Your Face’)

Interview: Sabine Lidl (Director – ‘Nan Goldin: I Remember Your Face’)

Documentarian Sabine Lidl’s intimate portrait of New York photographer Nan Goldin is as uncompromising and unvarnished as the snapshots that have come to define Goldin as arguably one of the most influential, celebrated and controversial photographers of her generation. Goldin’s work was first exhibited in the 70s but she burst onto the art scene with The

Rebooted KINO! Brings German Filmmaking Talent to New York City

Building on 35 years at the Museum of Modern Art, KINO! reboots at new locations –bringing the latest of German cinema to New York audiences.  Programmed by an independent jury, KINO! presents ten films, four of which are North American premieres. Selected by New York industry professionals Denise Kassell, Ian Stimler and Karl Rozemeyer and

35th Annual Kino! New Films From Germany @ MoMA – April 18-24, 2013

German Films is proud to announce that six German films have been selected by the Museum of Modern Art for their 35th annual exhibition, Kino!, MoMA’s long-running survey of young German filmmakers April 18 – 24, 2013. Some of the films in Kino! are already enjoying successful festival runs, such as the tragicomedy OH BOY