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The Killing Of A Sacred Deer Cast Is Getting A More Hollywood Touch

The Killing Of A Sacred Deer Cast Is Getting A More Hollywood Touch

Brace yourselves, people! As if giving us goose pumps by filming weird family and futuristic love stories isn’t enough, Yorgos Lanthimos is about to launch his new project: a psychological revenge thriller. The Greek creator is following steadily his international steps by recruiting some of Hollywood’s well-known stars. The latest news report Nicole Kidman to


Editorial: Chevalier – May The Best One Win

A chevalier is a ring worn on the small finger of medieval lords indicating superiority and honors. Such a ring is the trophy to a game invented by six men stuck on an Athens-returning boat for (at least) 24 hours. The purpose of this game? Who is the best of them all. The men are judged


Athens International Film Festival Announces First Phase Of Films

The Athens International Film Festival – Opening Nights, in its 21st edition, brings to Greek audiences, through 10 separate sections, some of the world cinema best films, introducing the great upcoming directors and presenting cinema’s modern trends, through not only fiction but also documentary.   International Competition Section The International Competition Section, more versatile than

2015 Tribeca Film Festival Interview: Alexis Alexiou (Director/Writer- ‘Wednesday 04:45’)

A life’s work becomes a prison for jazz club owner Stelios when a shady Romanian gangster calls in his debts. The gripping underworld drama, Wednesday 04:45, is a parable on the perils of accumulated debt, and a depiction of the descent of a mostly decent man. Director Alexis Alexiou perfectly balances the complex emotions that drive a