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Review: ‘Comrade Kim Goes Flying’

Review: ‘Comrade Kim Goes Flying’

Directed by Nicholas Bonner, Anja Daelemans, Kim Gwang Hun Written by Sing Myong-Sik & Kim Chol Staring Han Jong-sim, Pak Chung-Guk, Ri Yong-Ho “Comrade Kim Goes Flying” is the first movie of its kind. Co-financed by Western producers and helmed by directors Kim Gwang Hun (North Korean), Nicholas Bonner (English), and Anja Daelemans (Belgian), it

Interview: Nicholas Bonner (Co-Director – ‘Comrade Kim Goes Flying’)

A delightful, winning, life-affirming fable about a young coal miner’s pursuit of her dream to become an acrobat, ‘Comrade Kim Goes Flying‘ marks a milestone in film history: it is the first collaboration of its kind made entirely in North Korea. This charming film wears its heavy historical mantle with grace, weaving a lovely, light-hearted