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Best Film Review: “Carol” vs “Brooklyn”

Best Film Review: “Carol” vs “Brooklyn”

HelenHighly Critiques the Film Carol and Compares it to the film Brooklyn. The movie Carol, a lesbian romantic drama that is based on the book The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith, is getting named Best Film of the Year by just about everyone, it seems, and making all the award short-lists. And Helen is Highly disappointed by this mundane, overly precious, pointlessly detailed movie.

Interview: Martin Snyder (Writer/Director/Producer – ‘Missed Connections’)

Love in not luck…it’s strategy.  In a city of 19 million people, love at first sight happens every second, doesn’t it?  When IT guy Josh finds out that his secret office crush has posted a “missed connections” ad to find the ideal man she bumped into for a minute, he decides to post his own