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FilmBuff to Release JC Khoury’s ‘All Relative’, Sets November Release

FilmBuff to Release JC Khoury’s ‘All Relative’, Sets November Release

FilmBuff has announced that the company will release J.C. Khoury’s feature film All Relative theatrically and on VOD.  From writer/director Khoury, Shoot First Entertainment, and Executive Producer Lynn Kressel, the modern twist on romantic comedy will premiere at the Woodstock Film Festival on October 18th, followed by screenings at the Austin Film Festival.  FilmBuff will then

Icelandic Award Winning ‘XL’ Release FREE on HULU

A no-holds barred portrait of the corruption that sank Iceland’s economy a few years ago, ‘XL’ follows the adventures of politician Leif Sigurdarson (Olafur Darri Olafsson). Party hound, boozer, womanizer, ex-family man, Leif is sent to rehab by his friend, the prime minister. On his last night before rehab he throws a goodbye party for

FilmBuff Gets Hot for ‘COLD TURKEY’

Digital entertainment curator FilmBuff announced that they will release the hilarious and poignant family drama ‘Cold Turkey‘ in theaters and on VOD on November 15, 2013.  FilmBuff will release ‘Cold Turkey’ in theaters in New York and LA, expanding to other markets as well as across all leading Video On Demand platforms in the U.S. and Canada

Interview: Doug Tirola (Director – ‘Hey Bartender’)

The only thing we love more than a great cocktail is a great film, and ‘Hey Bartender’ pours out a delicious mixture of both. What goes into a great cocktail aren’t just the ingredients, but the artist behind the bar mixing them together. ‘Hey Bartender‘ focuses on the booming bartender-as-artisan trend, where establishments in cities like

Digital Space/Digital Age 1: VHX Offers Latest in DIY Distribution

The ultimate struggle for independent filmmakers a decade or so ago was securing that golden opportunity of a theatrical distribution deal. Ask any independent filmmaker at the time and you were bound to hear the same story time and again about how difficult, stressful, frustrating and disappointing the process was. Some of them may have

Interview: Vala Halldorsdottir (Co-Director – ‘The Startup Kids’)

Behind the technology entrepreneurship documentary ‘The Startup Kids‘  are two Icelandic entrepreneurs with a passion for business and innovation. With an aim to motivate young people towards entrepreneurship, as well as meeting and learning from other entrepreneurs around the world, they grabbed a (now accessible and practical) camera and traveled around the U.S. and Europe,