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Review: ‘The Den’

Review: ‘The Den’

Directed by Zachary Donahue Starring Melanie Papalia, David Schlactenhaufen, Adam Shapiro & Anna Margaret Hollyman Zachary Donahue‘s contemporarily relevant, albeit ultimately unfinished voyeuristic horror film ‘The Den‘ acts as a nihilistic reminder to the hidden capacities of the world wide web.  Essentially constructed as a found footage style genre-film where on-board computer cameras depict much of the action as

Interview: Jan Broberg (Actress – ‘Maniac’)

Just when the streets seemed safe, a serial killer with a fetish for scalps is back and on the hunt.  Frank (Elijah Wood) is the withdrawn owner of a mannequin store, but his life changes when young artist Anna (Nora Arnezeder) appears asking for his help with her new exhibition.  As their friendship develops and