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Globe-Trotting, Millenial Documentary ‘SANSKRITI’ Crowdfunding NOW

Globe-Trotting, Millenial Documentary ‘SANSKRITI’ Crowdfunding NOW

Sanskriti is an ancient Sanskrit word that translating to the English word for culture.  Following five unique global ambassadors of the millennial generation and shot over four continents, ‘Sanskriti‘ is a feature length documentary and a global adventure from a dedicated, New York City based filmmaking collective. The film aims to profile five members of

Interview: Vikram Gandhi (Actor/Director/Guru – Kumaré)

Sri ‘Kumaré‘ is an enlightened guru from the East who has come to America to spread his teachings. After three months in Phoenix, Kumaré has found a group of devoted students who embrace him as a true spiritual teacher. But beneath his long beard, deep penetrating eyes, and his endless smile, Kumaré has a secret

Review: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

For a minute let’s pretend you and I are friends, and I have just popped out of a movie theatre where I have spent $10 of my life savings and 90 minutes of leisure time watching The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I bump into you and after some truly mundane banter you ask whether you