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Interview: Jeremy St. James (Actor – ‘Marfa Girl’)

Interview: Jeremy St. James (Actor – ‘Marfa Girl’)

Marfa Girl centers on Adam, a directionless, half-white, half-Hispanic teenager living in Marfa, Texas. The film follows the relationships with Adam’s girlfriend, his neighbor, a local artist, and a crazed border patrol agent. What ensues is a web of sex, violence and punk rock. Marfa Girl made its world premiere at the 2012 Rome Film

2015 Slamdance Film Festival Filmmaker Profile: Steven Richter (Co Writer/Director: Birds of Neptune)

Young sisters Mona and Rachel are left to their own devices after the loss of their parents. Confined to their childhood home and constantly surrounded by nostalgia of the past, the girls have created their own pseudo-realities. Rachel finds solace in her music and old spiritual practices while her older sister Mona turns to unconventional

2015 Sundance Film Festival Filmmaker Profile: Sophie Deraspe (Director – ‘The Amina Profile’)

Amina Arraf, an attractive Syrian-American revolutionary, is having an online affair with Sandra Bagaria, a young, brilliant and well-informed Montreal professional. Amina then launches her provocatively named blog, A Gay Girl in Damascus. As the Syrian uprising gains momentum, the blog acquires a huge following. But it’s Amina’s subsequent abduction—carried out in broad daylight in

Review: ‘Begin Again’

Written & Directed by John Carney Starring Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, Catherine Keener, Hailee Steinfeld & Adam Levine When Keira Knightley’s character Greta, a tomboy-dressed Brit, performs an original song during an open-mic night, a music producer named Dan (Mark Ruffalo) becomes entranced in smile. The song is a ballad, and the energized bar crowd

2014 Tribeca Film Festival Filmmaker Profile: Keith Miller (Writer/Director – ‘Five Star’)

In a blend of fiction and reality, ‘Five Star‘ explores the relationship between two men– Primo (James “Primo” Grant), a general in the East New York Bloods, and John (John Diaz), a young man trying to decide whether gang life is the path for him. As Primo mentors John in the workings of his crew, a

Review: ’10 Rules For Sleeping Around’

Written & Directed by Leslie Greif Starring Jesse Bradford, Tammin Sursok, Chris Marquette, Virginia Williams, Michael McKean & Wendi McLendon-Covey In Theaters April 4, 2014 Veteran Producer, Writer and Director Leslie Greif‘s (‘Hartfields & McCoys’) strictly generic, by the numbers sex comedy ‘10 Rules For Sleeping Around‘ plays as an overprivileged romp through the undefined terms