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Review: ‘Lovelace’

Review: ‘Lovelace’

Biopics about celebrities: artists, musicians, and, in the case of ‘Lovelace‘, porn stars, can usually go in two directions. One usually nestles into a specific moment of its protagonist’s life, hoping to use its limited timeframe as a way to extrapolate and explain the eventual arc of a career. The other largely attempts a full

Exploring Maternal Relationships and the Sexual Revolution in ‘LOVELACE’

The first way to approach ‘Lovelace‘, the newest biopic about famous ‘Deep Throat’ star Linda Lovelace, is in sympathizing with its main character. Written and directed by Rob Epstein and Jeff Friedman (‘Howl’), ‘Lovelace’ stars Amanda Seyfried as the eponymous porn star ill fatedly married to Chuck Traynor, played hauntingly by Peter Sarsgaard, a highly abusive

2013 Sundance Film Festival – 10 Films to Watch

Starting tomorrow, Park City will once again be the center of the filmmaking universe for 10 days of quality documentaries, transmedia projects, short films and features from some of the world’s most talented filmmakers, writers and visual creators.  Born out of the independent spirit we embrace as vital in film’s artistic evolution and not a

Review: Killer Joe

KILLER JOE Directed by William Friedkin Written by Tracy Letts (based on his play) Starring Matthew McConaughey, Emile Hirsch, Gina Gershon, Thomas Haden Church & Juno Temple Playing in NYC @ Landmark Sunshine, AMC Empire 25 & AMC Lincoln Square There can be little discussion when conjuring new representations of contemporary cinematic depravity; as concept