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Interview: Alan Hicks, Director – ‘Keep On Keepin’ On’

Interview: Alan Hicks, Director – ‘Keep On Keepin’ On’

Shot over the course of five years by first time filmmaker Alan Hicks, ‘Keep On Keepin’ On’ depicts the remarkable story of 93-year-old jazz legend Clark Terry. A living monument to the Golden Era of Jazz, Terry – a mentor to Miles Davis – is among the few performers ever to have played in both Count

Godfrey Reggio’s New Film ‘VISITORS’ Unveils Stunning Trailer

Godfrey Reggio’s VISITORS, with an original score by Philip Glass and presented by Steven Soderbergh, will be released theatrically beginning January 24, 2014 at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in New York in stunning 4k digital projection. Thirty years after KOYAANISQATSI, Reggio once again leapfrogs over earth-bound filmmakers and has created another mesmerizing, wordless portrait of

Review: ‘THE SUMMIT’

Directed by Nick Ryan NOW PLAYING in NYC at Landmark Sunshine Cinema The cold facts about the August 2008 tragedy on the K2 summit are harrowing enough: on a group trek, 11 of 24 climbers died, and some vanished, without a trace of their whereabouts. This has been re-dramatized effectively by director Nick Ryan into

Review: Compliance

COMPLIANCE Written & Directed by Craig Zobel Starring Ann Dowd, Dreama Walker & Pat Healy Playing in NYC @ Landmark Sunshine Cinema What is the value of work? At what point does the virtuousness of labor become the arrogance of capitalism and how desperate have are we to even allow this to happen.  Sundance shocker

Review: Beasts of the Southern Wild

BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD Directed by Ben Zeitlin Written by Ben Zeitlin & Lucy Alibar Starring Quvenzhané Wallis & Dwight Henry Playing in NYC @ Landmark Sunshine Cinema & Lincoln Plaza Cinemas To consider Ben Zeitlin’s strong directorial debut ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ a representation of any solitary employment in conventional 21st century