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2014 SXSW Filmmaker Profile: Lawrence Michael Levine (Writer/Director – ‘WILD CANARIES’)

2014 SXSW Filmmaker Profile: Lawrence Michael Levine (Writer/Director – ‘WILD CANARIES’)

Barri (Sophia Takal) and Noah (writer-director Lawrence Michael Levine), a newly engaged Brooklyn couple, are disheartened by the death of their elderly downstairs neighbor, Sylvia. Though Noah sees nothing unusual about the old woman’s death, Barri suspects foul play and sets out to investigate, enlisting her roommate Jean (ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT’S Alia Shawkat) to join her

Interview: Jane Adams (Co-Writer/Actress) & Sophia Takal (Actress) – ‘All the Light in the Sky’

Jane Adams (HBO’s Hung, The Anniversary Party and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) stars as an actress living in Malibu who faces harsh realities of the industry as her age exempts her from more and more acting opportunities. Amidst this career and life crisis enters the actress’s niece, played by Sophia Takal (Green, Gabi on the Roof in July, and V/H/S), who arrives for a weekend stay

Factory 25 Acquires Joe Swanberg’s ‘All the Light in the Sky’

Factory 25 announced today that it has acquired director Joe Swanberg’s ‘All the Light in the Sky‘, his next film after the indie-breakthrough hit from earlier this year, ‘Drinking Buddies’. ‘All the Light in the Sky‘ features a leading performance from acclaimed veteran character actor Jane Adams (who is also currently filming MGM’s much-anticipated Poltergeist reimagining.)  Adams

2013 Brooklyn Film Festival Filmmaker Profile: Damon Maulucci and Keir Politz (Co-Writers/Directors ‘DETONATOR’)

Sully, former frontman of a prominent Philly punk band, struggles for a new identity after moving into an affordable rental outside of Philadelphia with Karen and their 5-year-old son. Mick, his ex-bandmate, resurfaces with a promise to pay back money owed. In a long night, Sully must negotiate a gauntlet of revenge and deceit in


Brooklyn Film Festival (BFF) is proud to announce its 2013 annual festival themed MAGNETIC, as well as its partnership with TBWA\Chiat\Day New York and WiMO Reality to produce Expand Your View, a mobile app campaign that drives awareness of the festival and ticket sales through innovative and artistic film code visuals. BFF has received over