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Doxa Film Festival Interview: Tonje Hessen Schei (Drone)

Doxa Film Festival Interview: Tonje Hessen Schei (Drone)

‘DRONE‘ takes you inside the secret CIA drone war with intimate stories from the war on terror. People living under drones in Pakistan and drone pilots struggling with killing through joysticks in the US. The film covers diverse and integral ground from the recruitment of young pilots at gaming conventions and the re-definition of “going

2014 Tribeca Film Festival Interview: Hans Petter Molland (Director – ‘In Order of Disappearance’)

Upstanding community leader Nils (Stellan Skarsgaard) has just won an award for “Citizen of the Year” when he learns the news that his son has died of a heroin overdose. Suspecting foul play, Nils begins to investigate, uncovering connections between the death and an ongoing turf dispute between Serbian drug dealers and a sociopathic criminal