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2014 Slamdance Filmmaker Profile: Nailah Jefferson (Director – ‘Vanishing Pearls – The Oystermen of Pointe à la Hache’)

2014 Slamdance Filmmaker Profile: Nailah Jefferson (Director – ‘Vanishing Pearls – The Oystermen of Pointe à la Hache’)

VANISHING PEARLS documents the ongoing, environmental ‘David and Goliath’ struggle between BP (Beyond Petroleum) and the residents of Pointe à la Hache, the last surviving African-American fishing community in the Louisiana Gulf. Told from the point of view of the film’s ‘David’, businessman Byron Encalade, we learn how a once prolific and unique oyster fishing community has nearly vanished.

2014 Slamdance Filmmaker Profile: Kate Logan (Director – ‘KIDNAPPED FOR CHRIST’)

‘Kidnapped for Christ‘ follows the stories of several American teenagers who were taken from their homes and sent to an Evangelical Christian reform school located in the Dominican Republic. The school is run by Americans and is advertised as a “therapeutic Christian boarding school” whose mission is to “help struggling youth transform into healthy Christian

Interview: Peter Baxter (Co-Founder – Slamdance Film Festival)

Dan Mirvish, Jon Fitzgerald, Shane Kuhn and Peter Baxter are the founding forefathers who, along with co-conspirator Paul Rachman, fought for truly independent filmmakers by giving them a voice in 1995 at the very first Slamdance Film Festival. Since then, the festival takes place every January in the breathtakingly stunning, snow-capped mountains of Park City,

Slamdance’s 20th Festival Announces Dynamic 2014 Feature Film Competition Lineup

The 2014 Slamdance Film Festival will run concurrently with the Sundance Film Festival, January 17-23, 2014 in Park City, Utah. Slamdance continues to serve as a showcase for the discovery and development of emerging independent talent and their unique cinematic vision. Slamdance is the only festival programmed entirely by filmmakers. With over half of 2013’s

Please Help Send Us to the 2014 Sundance Film Festival!

With the 2014 Sundance Film Festival rapidly approaching, IndieWood/HollyWoodn’t is hoping to expand its reach and cover the festival in as comprehensive possible.  Unfortunately, as we remain an independent entity we do not make any profits from the website directly.  In addition, operating out of the countries most expensive city, it is very difficult to save enough from personal accounts

Dogfish Accelerator Launches the First Business Development Lab for Independent Film

Dogfish Accelerator, the first accelerator program for film producers, announced today the launch of its business fast-track program for film producers.  Founded by film industry innovators James Belfer and Michelle Soffen of Dogfish Pictures, this new venture empowers production teams to produce better and more lucrative movies by providing access to capital, business mentors and