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Review: ‘Calvary’

Review: ‘Calvary’

Written and Directed by John Michael McDonagh Starring Brendan Gleeson, Chris O’Dowd, Kelly Reilly, Dylan Moran John Michael McDonagh’s ‘Calvary’ opens on its hero—if a man who consistently fails to help people despite his best efforts can be called a hero—in a tight close-up within the dark, claustrophobic confines of a confessional booth. James Lavelle

Interview: Nick Taylor (Director ‘Paradise East)

‘Paradise East‘ is a dark comedy about a desperately dysfunctional lower middle class family fiercely struggling to make it in the twentieth century. Lucky, not your typical dad, runs a coffee shop and has a difficult time dealing with the idiosyncrasies of his two deadbeat sons. Ernie, the oldest, is a wanna-be pimp and street