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‘The Square’: Lessons in Organic Revolution

‘The Square’: Lessons in Organic Revolution

‘The Square’ is NOW PLAYING in New York and as part of DOC NYC on November 17, 2013 @ IFC Center Jehane Noujaim‘s ‘The Square‘ is a multi dimensional account of the populist Egyptian uprisings having taken place over the past 3 years and is the most clear depiction yet of a struggle so many

Upcoming Indie Night & Art of the Real Nights at Film Society of Lincoln Center

The Film Society of Lincoln Center announced the selections for the upcoming popular monthly Indie Night and Art of the Real series. Spotlighting the best and boldest new wave of independent cinema, Indie Night keeps with the Film Society’s tradition of supporting and showcasing emerging filmmakers. September’s selection is Daniel Patrick Carbone’s ‘HIDE YOUR SMILING

Support Transformative Libyan Revolution Documentary ‘FIRST TO FALL’ Campaign on Kickstarter

‘FIRST TO FALL‘ is an immersive journey through the revolution in Libya following two friends who leave their lives as students in Canada to return to their home country of Libya during the uprising. When the young men pick up guns for the first time, Hamid is 26 and Tarek only 21. Full of revolutionary

Interview: Fred Stanton (Director, ‘Uprising’) – Gotham Screen International Film Festival

‘UPRISING‘ is the inside story of the Egyptian revolution from the perspective of its principal leaders and organizers, including four Nobel Peace Prize nominees. Their success in forcing the downfall of a brutal dictatorship has changed the face of the Middle East and provided hope for millions of oppressed people across the world. Above all,