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10 Things You’re Doing Wrong In Your Screenplay

10 Things You’re Doing Wrong In Your Screenplay

You have spent tens of hours (and probably hundreds of dollars on ridiculously expensive coffee) over your computer, typing like a maniac, trying to convince yourself this is the time you are going to have your breakthrough: this script will make it to a director’s hands and this time next year you will be walking

Film Freeway: Hundreds of Film Festivals In One Simple Place

FilmFreeway is reinventing film festival submissions with modern technology and a fair business model.  FilmFreeway is Better, faster, and more than 4 times cheaper than Withoutabox® Film Festivals Using FilmFreeway Include: Berlin Independent Film Festival, Big Apple Film Festival, British Documentary Film Festival, Bushwick Film Festival, California Independent Film Festival, Coney Island Film Festival, Filmgate Interactive, Flyaway

Interview: James Wallace (Director/Co-Producer – ‘AT FEST’)

‘AT FEST‘ takes you on a never-before-seen and highly personal journey where you become part of one of the oldest and biggest annual outdoor music festivals in North America. The 50th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival serves as the setting for an exploration into how this festival, run by a non-profit and 2,500+ volunteers, is older than Woodstock, yet

Manhattan Short Film Festival Calls for Short Films and Screenplays for International Event

Filmmakers have until July 31, 2013 to send their short films to New York City if they hope to take part in the 16th Annual MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival, taking place in over 250 cinemas across six continents between friday September 27 and Sunday October 6, 2013. The MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival mission is to unite

Interview: Michael Gunther (Festival Director @ Gotham Screen International Film Festival)

The 6th Annual Gotham Screen International Film Festival and Screenplay Contest kicks off October 4 – 14, 2012 to eleven days of screenings and events at downtown Manhattan’s Tribeca Grand and Greenwich Village’s Quad Cinema. The festival will showcase no fewer than nine world premieres features, documentaries and short films from independent, first- or second-time