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Breaking Glass Pictures Sizes up DVD Release For SXSW Hit Unhung Hero

Breaking Glass Pictures Sizes up DVD Release For SXSW Hit Unhung Hero

Breaking Glass Pictures is excited to announce the upcoming November 26th DVD release of ‘Unhung Hero‘, the world’s first cockumentary!  Director Brian Spitz follows the story of Patrick Moote from the beginning of his infamy as he travels the globe seeking answers about what lies between every man’s legs. The premiere of ‘Unhung Hero’ drew

Cannes Film Festival ‘Un Certain Regard’ Feature ‘LA PLAYA DC’ Plays @ reRun Theater – Friday, July 19, 2013

Tomas, an Afro-Colombian teenager who fled the country’s Pacific coast pushed out by the war, faces the difficulties of growing up in a city if exclusion and racism. When Jairo, his younger brother and closest friend disappears, Tomas plunges in the streets of the city. His search becomes an initiatory journey that compels him to

Award Winning Festival Favorite ‘Future Weather’ Opens at reRun Theater – March 1, 2013

Lauduree (Perla Haney-Jardine) is a 13-year-old loner, passionate about nature and obsessed with ecological disaster. Greta (Amy Madigan), her grandmother, is a fiery nurse jaded by alcohol and disappointment. When Lauduree is abruptly abandoned by her dreamer single mom (Marin Ireland), she decides to take survival into her own hands, forcing her and Greta to

Interview: Felix van Cleeff (Writer/Director – ‘The Violet Hour’) – Playing @ WinterFest 2013

In the beautiful short ‘The Violet Hour‘ from Dutch filmmaker Felix van Cleeff, two young lovers leave the modern city and all possessions behind to enter the wilderness, where they make love for the very last time. In the summer of 2011 Felix  and his minimal cast/crew went to the nature of South-Sweden to make