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Seed&Spark Partners With Emerging Pictures to Distribute More Diverse Selection of Films in Local Movie Theaters

Seed&Spark Partners With Emerging Pictures to Distribute More Diverse Selection of Films in Local Movie Theaters

Seed&Spark, the world’s leading crowdfunding and distribution platform made just for independent film, will partner with Emerging Pictures—an all-digital film and alternate content network of theaters in the United States—to extend theatrical distribution to filmmakers who crowdfund on the Seed&Spark platform. Starting in March, both feature and short films that have successfully secured funding on Seed&Spark and have hit audience-building

Remix Godard’s ‘ALPHAVILLE’ with BRIGHT IDEAS Magazine

Seed&Spark’s BRIGHT IDEAS Magazine is premiering a 50th anniversary remix of Godard’s ‘ALPHAVILLE‘ at the Slamdance Film Festival on January 26—and you get to write the dialogue! In collaboration with Digital Bolex and Syrp, to celebrate the semicentennial of Jean-Luc Godard‘s lo-fi science fiction masterpiece, Alphaville, BRIGHT IDEAS set out to recreate—and reinterpret—one of the film’s iconic

American Express & Seed&Spark Announces Indie Film Distribution Platform

Today, American Express announced a joint program with independent film crowdfunding and distribution platform, Seed&Spark, designed to help transform how films are supported and watched. In collaboration with Seed&Spark, American Express will provide cinephiles a new channel to see independent films and give emerging filmmakers the opportunity to distribute their work to broader audiences. American


Big Vision Empty Wallet returns to the Crosby Street Hotel for a panel discussion about distribution.  The way that we release and view content is changing.  This event will help our audience, both in person and online, stay ahead of the curve. The event will include a panel discussion featuring innovative film distribution companies and

Seed&Spark to Host Inaugural Fair Trade Filmmaking Festival to Start Conversations About Indie Films

Seed&Spark, the world’s first crowd-funding and digital distribution platform made just for independent film, announced that it will host its first fair trade filmmaking festival, WestFest, from October 1-3, 2013, at The HUB LA (Los Angeles). As the first of an international film festival series, WestFest will bring select Seed&Spark films that are available for

Seed&Spark Unveils Curated Independent Film Lists

This week Seed&Spark softly introduced a new feature to their website, curated film lists. These curated lists will go by the name Conversations are groupings of films by a theme. The first Conversation, titled SAY YOU KNEW THEM WHEN, features a collection of films all by first-time filmmakers. The list was put together by Seed&Spark