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SXSW Narrative Film Reviews

SXSW Narrative Film Reviews

‘Sequoia’ Upon diagnosis of a life-threatening oral cancer, Riley (Aly Michalka) departs the dysfunction of her family, both new and old, with intentions of ending her life amongst the picturesque backdrop of Sequoia National Park.  En route she befriends an introspective, Mandolin playing musician Ogden (Dustin Milligan), who’s devout Christian background, as well as immediate

SXSW Interview: Aly Michalka (Star), Dustin Milligan (Star) & Andy Landen (Director) – ‘Sequoia’

After being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness Riley (Aly Michalka), a lively and witty young woman visits Sequoia National Park with the goal of ending her life there on her own terms.  But her plans are interrupted by the impending arrival of her estranged dysfunctional family (Joey Lauren Adams, Todd Lowe, Sophi Bairley & Demetri